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On Think Tanks was founded in mid 2010. It has evolved from a blog into a global platform dedicated to study and support policy research and policy research centres, or think tanks. The members of the On Think Tanks Team and its Advisory Board are spread out across 6 continents!

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We would like this blog to be as open and plural as possible. If you would like to become a contributor, or even if you think you may have something to say or a resource to share, please email us on and let us know about it.

Opinion pieces, best practices, resource lists (they are very popular, by the way) or other relevant announcements are all welcome.

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Do you have an event or a job to advertise? Have you published a recent study or launched a very interesting project? Do let us know about it.

Have you recently gone through a leadership transition and would like to let us know about your new executive director or senior researcher? Do get in touch.

Do you want to write a blog post about one of our themes? Send it along.

Become a guest editor

Over the years we have tried to open On Think Tanks to as many people and ideas as possible. The site has a growing list of contributors and we often take guest blog posts. We believe this makes On Think Tanks a much more interesting blog than if it was all written by one or two authors.

If you are interested in being a guest editor for On Think Tanks please keep reading. This is what would be expected of you:

  • A guest editor would be responsible for all new content on a thematic or country series. He or she would be expected to write at least one (this could be the introduction) of the posts and commission (and edit) at least 3 more.
  • The posts should be linked-up. So you could choose a subject (e.g. communications, research skills, boards, funding, finances, etc.) or a region or country to focus on. The posts could all address the same questions from different perspectives or could cover different aspects of the issue. We leave that to you. We are particularly interested in:
    • Domestic funding for think tanks
    • Leadership
    • Architecture and design of think tanks -photo-based blogs would be welcome
    • Transparency
    • New ‘types’ of think tanks -digital, pop-up, practitioner-focused, etc.
    • Emerging economies, small countries with few think tanks, and the traditional countries: the US or the UK for instance.
  • As the editor you will be responsible for each post, ensuring that they follow On Think Tanks’ style, that each post has the right links, and you will have to write an excerpt for each one. We will work with you all they way.
  • You would also be expected to share your posts widely with your networks during the week and afterwards.
  • Because we can schedule the posts in advance you do not have to write, commission, and edit them during ‘your’ week or month. We would review the posts together before they are published and find the best week to do so. But you will be expected to be ready to respond to comments and engage with your readers during ‘your’ week and afterwards.

This year, we are able to provide you with a small monetary incentive: USD500.00 in return. Please note, however, that we don’t have a huge budget (or time to support the editing) so we expect to fund up to 5 series per year.

To apply, please:

  • Prepare a proposal that includes (in no more than 2 A4 sides):
    • A short bio with a link to a LinkedIn page and a Twitter account (a twitter account would be a good thing).
    • A short description of each of the posts you propose to write and commission including the names and/or profiles of the authors you will engage as contributors. Note that you could combine contributions with interviews. This list should be prefaced by an explanation of why the topic is of interest and who would it be interesting for.
    • At least one sample of a blog you have written before (only links please). This will help us learn about your style.
    • A short description of how you plan to promote your posts. What community in particular will you introduce to On Think Tanks?
  • Send your proposal via email to: (subject line: ‘Guest editor –Your Name’)

We hope this is an interesting idea. We are looking forward to your applications.